Happy neON

Happy neON turn the joy on with neon nail polishes from NaiLac! Now you can buy bestseller neons in Happy neON #1 and Happy neON #2 sets full of bright, joyful colors. In the first one you will find neon orange #230, energetic neon lime #198 and soaked with watermelon drops #196. The second set is a combination of neon green color #328 with loved by our customers intense pink #400 and orange #323 with a bit more elegant, but still really summer character. 

Both of them are available now in exceptional price - buying a set of 3 polishes, you will pay only for 2!

Summer is a great opportunity to go crazy with your stylizations. Let your imagination run wild, turn on the neon joy and have fun with Happy neON colors!

Which fun-filled set will you choose?

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