Builder Jelly - builder gels UV/LED

Do you remember our bestselling JellyMe bottle gels? Thousands of stylists have trusted and loved them for their milky, semi-transparent shades, ease of application and self-levelling formula. Now it's time for the continuation of this series, but in a slightly different version that you are sure to love!

Here they are! The newest Builder Jelly gels in beautiful jars! We guarantee that they will quickly become your #musthave. 

What will you love them for? Builder Jelly gels are::

  • the first builder gels in the NaiLac portfolio! Their distinguishing feature is a very strong surface tension and density - gels "stand still", perfectly listen to the brush, which significantly speeds up working time,
  • gels, with which you can extend, build, level and harden both short and long nails - they can cope with every imperfection of the plate, and the extended nails will be strong and very durable,
  • phenomenal adhesion to the plate and resistance to micro damages,
  • Thixotropy, thanks to which gels do not run down on cuticles and they level themselves,
  • beautiful colour range - all shades are pudding-milk with 80% translucency, thanks to which they give the nails an ultra-natural and delicate shade

and much more!

Are you ready for a nail revolution? Reduce your work time with Builder Jelly jar gels and create a beautiful, natural #mani that is impossible to pass by!

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