Discover the mini collection of FALLfiction hybrid polishes and bet on colors that defy the dull autumn everyday life. Three new NailLac colors will help you metamorphose your ordinary looks, so get ready for a sudden twist, because this fall is about to get wild!

Bronze hybrid polish #489 enriched with pieces of cut gold foil combines timeless classics and jewel-like shine. Juicy pink #490 by NailLac is a boost of energy that will keep autumn nails from frowning. The most delicate #491 - milky hybrid polish closes the FALLfiction NailLac collection and subtly shines with pink flecks, which are a secret weapon in the fight against autumn boredom. 

Three seemingly different FALLfiction hybrid polishes are three definitions of femininity, which - like in an action movie - form an expressive trio, and it will not be forgotten for a long time.

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