Do you like to have full control? Get it back in your daily salon work with TiX-Jelly! These are THREE new gels, dedicated to the technique WITHOUT FILING, which do not run down on the cuticles, arrange themselves under the brush and will give you incredible comfort of work! You can wear them solo, use them as a base for a timeless french, cover them with a glossy top or build with them beautiful, long and strong nails ready for further styling!

What will make TiX-Jelly a must have in your salon?

  • They are ideal for nail sets without filing - with them you will build and infill the nails, reducing the service by up to 50% of the working time!
  • Their unique gel consistency will give you total control over the product
  • TiX-Jelly are stable, do not run off on the cuticles, beautifully set and do not require you to turn your hand to do it!
  • They feature doubled adhesion power and are enriched with thixotropy
  • They have a high content of photoinitiators, so they cure much faster
  • They are very durable and look beautiful even after 40 days of wear

Ready to take back full control? Fall in love with beautiful shades: Blush, Nude, Crystal and rediscover gel nails, which will be much easier to sculpt from now on!

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