Are you counting down the days until your holidays? Does the thought of your awaited holiday make you feel better? Are your outfits getting more and more summer colours? Don't let #mani not go hand in hand with your holiday cheer! Choose distinctive, eye-catching and vibrant neon colours that will make you shout WOOOW!

Expressive, vibrant and ready to experiment - 6 neon colours from the latest WOOOW! collection will tempt you to create really dynamic nail art and try unique colour combinations. 

Delight yourself with neon shades of yellow, green, red, pink, orange and blue. Set nail trends and enter the carefree holiday season with a truly unique #mani. Whatever your summer plans, let yourself be carried away by the colourful madness of phenomenal neons, which will create a WOOOW! effect on your nails and give you confidence!

Yellow and green, blue and orange, red and pink - which bright combinations will make you stand out from the crowd and make you shout WOOOW!?

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