OpalX Tops

Take your manicure to the world of futuristic glamour! Discover new no wipe tops that will change your nails, create a spectacular effect of glittering flecks and make you always the center of attention. OpalX are 4 hybrid polish tops - each will add a shimmering magic to different color of nail polishes. 

OpalX Top Gold - dedicated to both light and dark shades of polishes, stunning especially when combined with a black hybrid.

OpalX Top Milky Gold - whose delicately milky color and golden glitters will beautifully refine light shades of hybrids.

OpalX Top Blush Gold - necessary for all natural looks, which after applying the top will enhance their subtle effect and sparkle with a million shiny flecks.

OpalX Top Blush Holo - whose spectacular holographic flecks embedded in a soft pink base will charm all fans of toned shades. 

All together, will make you prepared to satisfy all customers who, regardless of their favorite colors, want to wear an eye-catching glitter on their nails!

From now on you won't need any other embellishments! Cover your nails with OpalX tops and change the look of any look in a moment. Get the whole collection and impress with spectacular shine on both dark and delicate shades of nail polishes.

With which OpalX top will you attract envious glances?

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