#010F Lakier hybrydowy NaiLac
#010F Hybrid polish NaiLac 7ml
#010F Hybrid polish NaiLac 7ml
#010F Lakier hybrydowy NaiLac

#010F Hybrid polish NaiLac 7ml

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Colour of the NaiLac #010F hybrid polish: transparent, milky beige without the effect of turning the white French ending yellow.

NaiLac hybrid polishes for French manicure were created for women who are looking for semi-transparent hybrid polishes that, no matter what the complexion tone is, are the guarantee of natural colour on the nails, without the effect of artificial French manicure, and that ensure the comfort of application and great quality.

• Easy to apply - They have self-levelling properties

• Odourless

• Offer perfect coverage with 2 thin layers

• Modern formula that looks like classic nail polish

• They do not wrinkle in the lamp, do not shrink during curing, oxidation and they do not change colour

• Do not contain formaldehyde

• NaiLac hybrid polishes are tested on individuals with AD

• Instant and easy to apply

• Perfect to be used on natural, gel, acrylic nails

• They dissolve in the #NailOFF fluid

 • Time of curing in the LED lamp: 30 seconds, and in UV - 60 seconds

• Recommended by the brand of Professionals - SPN Nails Professional


* The presented colours may be slightly different from the colour seen "live".

Nail polish color
For french manicure
Permanent varnishing of nails
Medium thick
Semi-transparent, for french manicure
2 thin layers
Curing time
NaiLac LED: 30 seconds, UV: 60 seconds
Liquid dissolving # NailOFF
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