For Mom the fragrance fanatic

If you are looking for a gift for Mom who doesn't leave home without her favorite perfume, consider buying a perfumed body mist. For many women, it is the perfume that is the most important element of styling - it defines their character and creates the so called tail, floating in the air for a long time. A dose of everyday luxury for Mom can become a completely new, but reminiscent of familiar and proven fragrances mist, which she will discover thanks to NaiLac. Choose a romantic composition #01, which has notes of cherry, sweet vanilla and sandalwood, fresh and delicate mist #02, which is a combination of pearl orchid and pink currant or seductive #03 with notes of sweet almond, coffee and cocoa.

For the busy Mom

Your mom has a lot on her mind lately, working, taking care of the house and has no time for herself? Give her some rest! Every mom is a superhero and is able to reconcile many tasks and responsibilities at the same time, but everyone also needs a break from time to time. For busy and stressed mom, products that will make her smile will be the ones that will really relax her and turn her daily care into a beauty salon treatment. Choose a perfumed body balm or moisturising oil. All available in the NaiLac offer will take your mom to the best SPA, wrap her in beautiful scents and let her forget about her duties for a while.

For Allergic Mums

If your mom is a fan of hybrid nail varnishes but had some bad experiences with them and is afraid to risk hybridisation again - we have something for her! Check out our new, extremely gentle HEMA Free line. It includes two products: HEMA Free Base and HEMA Free Top - both are top quality hybrid products that surprise with their ease of use and precisely selected composition. Both the Top and the Base make it easier to do a manicure but are also gentle to the skin and minimize the risk of allergies. It is possible because they do not contain a gram of HEMA and Di-HEMA ingredients, which are the main culprits in acrylates allergy. Using HEMA Free Base and Top, your Mom will forget about skin sensitivities and her manicure will become a pleasure again.

For the color lover

NaiLac hybrid nail polishes are a perfect gift for every woman who likes to take care of herself. Your Mom will certainly like tested, highest quality and extremely easy to use lacquers from our offer. How to choose the best one? Be guided by Mom's taste and we guarantee you a really wide range of colors. From beiges through browns, reds, blues, classic black, grays, greens or turquoises to irreplaceable Cat Eye or Diamonds Collection nail polishes. Now you don't have to choose one polish! You can buy it in Start, Basic or Premium set which are covered by 10% promotion. Thanks to them your Mom will be able to take care of her nails in her own beauty salon.

For Mom in love with classics

Is your Mom a fan of delicate nail styling? Add to Start, Basic or Premium set hybrid nail polishes in classic shades. We are sure she will love pastels from Pastel VS Neon collection - mad pink #436, #437 with delicate nude shade, beautiful baby pink #437, universal, delicate beige #438, powder pink #439 or the most wanted shade of summer - écru #440. You can also choose rubber polishes from #BabyBoomer collection, which was awarded a Glamour Glammies winner this year. You will find incredibly delicate and feminine polishes that captivate with shades of subtle pink, peach and the most beautiful nude shades.

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