1. Bad preparation of the plate.

This is a basic mistake, which I observe very often. Matting the nail plate means depriving it of shine. It is not true that the harder we file the plate, the better the product will hold on it. It is quite the opposite! We can not damage the plate, or saw through it, because thereby reduce its adhesion.

My tip: Try lightly filing with a 220/240 grit file. Don't file hard, just take the shine off.

2. Applying too much product.

Too much product does not mean that everything will stick better. This is a myth! The more base, the less adhesion is, the nail looks unsightly, thick and impractical. The task of building bases is to harden and level the natural nail plate. Hybrid bases do not build apex.

My tip: When applying the base coat, rub it gently into the nail and then use a small drop to even out any unevenness. You can help yourself with a thin brush or rotate your hand.

3. Flooding cuticles.

Flooding your cuticles leads to air-logging, which is air getting between the product and the nail. This leads to the detachment of the product from the nail, thus getting water into the gap. In this situation, we open the way for bacteria.

My tip: Get less product on the brush and apply it with minimal distance from the skin. You can help yourself with a thin brush to even out the product at the nail shafts.

4. Cutting cuticles drastically.

Cutting your cuticles too deeply and going over the safe limit is a big mistake. Many stylists want to cut the skin to the max and apply color as deep under the skin as possible, forgetting about the safety of the client. Pressing polish under the skin, where there is no possibility for UV light to reach or flooding injured skin with bases and colors leads to allergies.

My tip: Before applying color, gently level the nail shaft with a shovel or wooden stick and apply color "to the skin", not "under the skin".

5. Lack of symmetry.

Styled nails should be the same length and the same shape. Unfortunately I often see problems with different nail lengths and even by a few millimeters.

My tip: Always compare finger to finger. The cordial, middle and index should be the same length, the little one a little shorter and the thumb longer. This is due to the difference in bearing length.

6. Incorrect curing time.

This problem arises from the fact that we want to do everything quickly, and on the market there are many lamps, where manufacturers promise that the hybrid will cure in 5 seconds. No nail design product will cure on a chemical level in 5 seconds. Wearing uncured products by our clients leads to allergies.

My tip: Read the labels! Each manufacturer writes on the package, in what time the product cures. Follow it.

7. Improper work with the cutter.

Many stylists make mistakes when working with the cutter. Inappropriate, often too high or too low rotations and wrong angles of the cutter lead to damage of the nail plate.

My tip: Always set the cutter flat against the nail and adjust the speed. It is not necessary to work on 30 thousand - 4-5 thousand is enough. Do not press the cutters to the plate, work gently.

I hope, that my advice will help you to perform safe and aesthetic work, and now you know how to avoid basic errors, and your styling will be beautiful and durable.

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