These procucts suprise with facility of use and precisely selected composition. The brand challenges all previous discoveries and puts into women’s hands products that not only makes manicure easier, but also are gentle for the skin and minimize the risk of allergies. You are the inspiration for these amazing novelties. We know that you expect the highest quality products, and more and more often, you are unfortunately struggling with skin problems. You have never seen suchs products in NaiLac!

1. First of – delicacy!

Sensitization, allergy and sensitive skin are giving you sleepless nights​? Discover the new, extremely delicate Hema Free line! It consists of two products: Hema Free Base and Hema Free Top – both are high quality hybrid products, whose main task is to take care of your nails and hands. How is it possible? Well, in the composition of line’s products there’s not a gram of HEMA and Di-HEMA components, which are the main culprits in the occurrence of allergies. You will not find them here! We are very proud of „Hema Free”, find out why!

2. Bye, bye sensitizations!

As already known, HEMA and Di-HEMA components are responsible for sensitization to acrylate. In order to make the grade we didn’t use them in our new products. Why? We got a lot of messages from you about the fact that you have a bad experience in hybrid manicure, that you are afraid to risk applying hybrids, because the products used so far have often resumed your skin problems, turned into allergies, received the joy of doing manicure. At NaiLac we care about your comfort! With Hema Free base and top, you will easly forget about skin sensitity and manicure will again become a pleasure.

3. Only pros, zero cons

Delicacy is one of the most important features of our novelties, but during creating the Hema Free line, we also focused on a few other features. One of them is excellent grip and durability, whis is making working on a natural nail plate much easier. Hema Free base has a great consistency – it is creamy, dense and very malleable. On the other hand, Hema Free top guarantees a long-lasting and beautiful shine that will perfectly finish your styling. An additional advantage of products is that they not shrink during appliction, and during wearing they don’t change into yellow, providing comfort until the remove of the manicure. 

4. Reliable agent…

…that is Top #007 at the best possible release. It is dense, doesn’t require washing, self-leveling and with a wonderful creamy consistency. What more do you want? Tension amplification, which definitely makes it difficult to create scratches and the effect of a dazzling gloss, which resemble a pane of glass. You can found all of this in one, 7 miiliter package, which will be enough for +/- 30 use. Only one application of it will make you never return to other products again. After all #007 is durable like a diamond, and diamonds are forever

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