Something more than traditional methods

Poly Acryl&Gel is a revolutionary product, mainly because it combines the best features of two classic methods of styling - gel and acrylic. In acryl-gel you can find both delicacy of gel and strength of acrylic, which together create a perfect duet! Poly Acryl&Gel guarantees also something more, that is possibility to work without hurry, but in much faster time than in case of gels and acrylics. Moreover, our novelties ensure comfort of work regardless of weather and temperature, they do not change consistency as gel, which becomes too fluid in warmth and they model easily, not setting too fast as acrylic. Convinced?

One tube with many advantages

What else you should know? In 30 grams packaging we also enclosed the ease of modeling and control of the product, because applied on the plate thick and plastic product does not flow on the cuticles. Using Poly Acryl&Gel you can also forget about unpleasant pinching and burning during polymerization. The product is also extremely hard and resistant to mechanical damage, and the unpleasant smell is reduced to zero. Working with our novelties does not require sawing either, however, if you want to do it, you can be sure that it will be extremely easy and clean, because the dust during sawing is really negligible. 

Colors worth a million coins!

Poly Acryl&Gel comes in 9 unique, completely different colors. From transparent #Crystal Clear, through natural white #Sugar White, to 4 shades of delicate pink closed in tubes #Powder Candy, #Powder Pink, #Powder Rose and #Powder Blush and shimmering with millions of particles nude covers #Glamour Cover Pinky, #Glamour Cover Peachy and #Glamour Cover Bling. They are perfect for building up the nail and hardening the natural plate but also as an independent stylization, painted only with a top coat. You can get a natural look of any shape and length in just a few moments!

Nail art is more fun than ever!

Poly Acryl&Gel is a product for those women who care about the quality of the natural nail plate and appreciate the durability of the styling. Thanks to new acrylic gels the stylization will not only be fast, sometimes it can even save our nails from trouble. With Poly Acryl&Gel products it is really easy to reconstruct bitten nails, quickly correct a nail that grows downwards, add a broken side of the nail or repair damaged plates on the sides. If you haven't worked with this method yet - it's time to change that!

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