Colours for summer and years

Summer is coming, the time of year that definitely has its own rules - it lets you go wild, try something new, play with colours and patterns. Summer is undoubtedly the time of neon colours, and these could not be missing from the NaiLac offer. You will find dozens of beautiful neon shades among our hybrid polishes - energetic pinks, extremely juicy oranges, luminous greens and glowing yellows. All of them are distinguished by extraordinary intensity, thanks to high pigmentation, thanks to which they do not lose their colour for a really long time. You can be sure that right after painting, as well as when you return to the stylist for a next visit, they will look equally colourful and beautiful, and you will delight in intense, neon nails regardless of the day.

Application easier than you think

Remember those times when you had to apply a white or milky polish first, underneath the neon colours, to make them stand out even more and make the neon shades finally expressive enough? Now you can forget about it! As you already know, hybrid polishes from NaiLac are really well pigmented. What this means for your nails is that they facilitate a beautiful, uniform, extremely strong and intense application of colour from the very first brush stroke on the nail plate. Before that, you don't need to put anything but a transparent base coat on your natural nail plate! NaiLac's neon hybrid nail polish alone will give you a great-looking nail design after the first coat. Just make sure you don't press the brush down hard on your plate to avoid streaking and the polish will spread evenly and beautifully. 

A seasonal must have! 

We know they are, now which one to choose? We have plenty of neons, so fans of pink, green, orange, yellow and red will find their favourite shade here. NaiLac hybrid lacquers start with energetic and cheerful, tinted with a drop of yellow rays of the sun, neon lime #198, go through luminous and vivid shade of fresh grass #235N, colour of neon coral, which entered into marriage with juicy orange in #231N lacquer and end somewhere on neon strong pink of #233N lacquer. We have a whole collection too - in Pastel VS Neons you'll find neon lemon #433 and lime #434, raspberry red #435 and mad pink #436 - which one will you choose?

A manicure without sacrifice 

Do you have weak, brittle and thin nails but don't want to give up on summer's neon styles? Find out how to nourish them! Get strong and long nails with VitaMilk vitamin base coat from NaiLac. It's a hybrid mix of base coat and polish in one, packed to the brim with vitamins, plus it has a lovely milky beige colour, which will further enhance the already intense shades of our neon colours. It's the first aid for your nails, and it's perfect as a standalone colour or as a base for emerging styles. Filled with benefits, VitaMilk base coat is a must have in your collection!

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